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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Pontiac Navy

Indoor shoes with arch support for boys

Indoor shoes with arch support for boys
True ortho canvas shoes for a child.
Those slippers offer all, high top covered ankle where foot is supported and covered
Sole has special heel reinforcement that will not bend when worn.
That is needed for proper ankle alignment, support,
They are pronation preventive with good arches present.
No low quality house shoes is ever produced in Europe
All kids footwear is ordered to be manufactured orthopedic
European Ministry of Health placed specific rules on footwear industry back in 1989
Requiring companies to make footwear for European kids locally and with orthopedic support
Guidelines are set and reinforced.
Factory will loose a license if the shoes are not made as guidelines set.
Local materials are used and they have to be locally made.
Why, kids footwear is viewed in Europe as development tool for kids feet so it cannot be low quality causing harm.
Those slippers are true example of it.
They run true to the size and the sole on them never turn yellow during usage.

Slippers with good arch support for kids

Ortho slippers for a toddler boy


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