Quality shoes from France that are best for infant learning to walk

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Infant leather sandals
Orthopedic high top baby sandals with arches
Ankles pronating inwards with weak feet and ankles.
Those ankle high tops will transform baby's feet and offer needed ankle support.
Absolute best walkers for small baby that stands and take first steps.
Sandals are made in France with best leather used and high arches.
No cheap shoes is ever made in Europe - only orthopedic ones since footwear for kids is regulated.
Those sandals offer best ankle support for a toddler and prevent from ankle pronation and deformed feet.
Kids need shoes as those since their feet are forming and growing.
European baby sandals in rose color with elegant flower print.
Pink leather decorated with pink, lavender flowers.
Super cute soft walkers for an infant walker.
Heel and orthopedic arch needed for small children.
Yes, they have appropriate ankle support as well to prevent ankle pronation.
Perfect to everyday wear and fancy outfits or daily wear.
In Europe children wear only such shoes and end up with well formed feet and posture.
No cheap shoes are allowed as shoes are viewed as developmental need.
We pay in Europe for good shoes - they are not cheap and never wear since labor, living wages, quality of leather and how those shoes are constructed.
European shoes are always orthopedic, they never are flat and they have need support that is always present.
Children need 2 pairs of good shoes at a time good supportive shoes - orthopedic ones as those.
Skip on cheap shoes in general, they destroy and deform kids feet over time and child ends up with pigeon toes and pronated ankles.

Orthopedic high top baby sandals with arches

Infant leather sandals in pink color


Niki C - 12/03/2022

Cute sandals - fit my babys narrow feet perfectly

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