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Brand: Falcotto

Product Code: Frod Green

Italian Best Walking Baby Shoes | Soft Soles Sneakers

Italian baby boys shoes
Soft, orthopedic and best for new shoes.
Great for learning to stand, walk and take first steps.
Made by Italian brand Falcotto for toddlers.
Company specializes for first Italian boys walkers for babies and toddlers.
Shoes are made up to size 26 and they suitable for new walkers.
Soles are always soft, profiled and tested for small walkers.
First Italian baby boys footwear for walking baby with good arches.
Green and blue leather.
Easy on and off style.
They fit perfectly narrow, regural and wide width feet.
Sole is universal in that cute shoe and velcros are long.
Stable heel arches present and none smell soles
Child will feet ultra comfortable in those little Italian boys sneakers.
This is a perfect cross between a sneaker, shoe and ankle high top.
Proper ortho Italian boys sneakers for a child to correctly form and develop kids feet.
Arches like inflated pillows added to the sole of the model since all European Italian boys shoes are made like that today.
Genuine quality Italian boys shoes for your baby.
Best for walking and daily wear.

Best toddler sneakers for weak ankles
Those kind of Italian boys sneakers are worn by every toddler in Europe and they end up with well formed feet and posture.
If you child wears none supportive footwear low cost countries they end up with tip toe problems, flat feet, pigeon toes or ankle pronation.
That is the cause of wearing none supportive sneakers when a child.
Kids feet are like jello you can form them anyway you like.
Proper Italian boys shoes as those form and support kids feet.
Footwear for kids in Europe is regulated by European Ministry of Healthy and they have to be orthopedic.
No cheap shoes with zero support are allowed for sale and no shoes from low cost countries.
Sneakers for kids are viewed as foot and posture forming product so they are considered a medical need for a child.

Soft soles good arch baby sneakers

New walker baby Italian made sneakers


Megi from UT  -  11/04/2021

Quite good shoes for my little new walker. Soft soles, love that! Yet supportive with good arch inside. My son has regural feet not so wide so they worked out great for us. Thank you for fast shipping.

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