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Kids soft weak ankles arch shoes from Europe

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Brands Murek

Product Code: Viktor Blue

  • SKU: 55-1245789
  • Kids arch support shoes for weak ankles
    Ankle supportive - yes the are with reinforced heel for young walkers.
    High arches present and none sweat soles for kids
    Toddler will be comfy walking and his feet supported at all times.
    All children need best shoes as their feet are formed by them.
    If child is wearing junk shoes his feet are deforming and collapsing.
    Babies are usually born with normal pudgy feet but if child wears junk shoes his feet will begun to turn.
    That is why we Europeans buy good shoes for our children that are made in Europe
    They are orthopedic and well made since Europe has orthopedic standards set on footwear for kids.
    USA imports all the shoes from China that has no guidelines on any shoes.
    None of the are supportive nor orthopedic.
    How would rubber shoes support your kids feet?
    How does cheap sneakers with no arches or ankle support provide support for forming feet?
    Well they do not - quite opposite effect, destroy your toddlers feet.
    Every orthopedic doctor in Europe will conform that -
    USA has a business of medical orthodics so why would they recommend good supportive shoes to parents?
    No money for them to be made later when your child has destroyed feet.

    Shoes for weak ankles with kids arches

    Excellent orthopedic arch with antibacterial innersole


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