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Kids boiled wool pink slippers with good arch

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Product Code: Herbatka Pink

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  • A conventional French slipper for child. Our traditional boiled slipper boots through highlight a menagerie of whimsical creatures and preferred adolescence characters. Dad and mom will love the breathable boiled wool that maintains little feet warm and secure and the knit cuff that makes them a breeze to get on and stale. Youngsters will love having little friends that travel with them for the duration of the residence. Additionally a comfortable choice for indoor footwear at daycare or preschool.

    Made by hand
    Soft knit cuff for easy on and stale
    Orthopedic arches inside
    None sweat soles so no smelly feet in those house shoes ever.
    Rubber anti slip soles
    Imported from France

    "there are such a lot of amazing matters to say about our slipper boots! They're supersoft and by no means itchy...The colorful characters are simply cute...They're made via French company that been making shoes and slippers for over 100 years...The felt footbed conforms for your child's foot for the utmost comfort...And you could throw them into the wash! Want we are saying extra?"

    Made in France -- just for Us

    Breathable Boiled Wool

    Natural boiled wool is lightweight and smooth, but sturdy. It's quite breathable, preserving toes at a relaxed consistent temperature yr spherical -- cool in the summer and warm inside the wintry weather.

    Relaxed consolation it's a laugh to put on

    An awful lot more than just pretty faces, those mold to child's foot and provide allorthopedic support that child's feet do need it. providing the precise stability of support and versatility. That is what makes these slipper boots the precise choice for home or daycare!

    And they may be adorable!

    Brilliant new original designs discover their region every yr as a part of this whimsical collection. There may be usually a brand new friend, so your child has lots of sparkling picks to pick from.

    Kids boiled wool slippers with good arch.
    Heel supportive toddler slippers with good arches

    Made out of pink velvet and boiled 100% natural wool (your child's feet will never sweat)
    Decorated with smiling tea pot.
    Perfect ortho house shoes for a child.
    Foot forming best slippers from France with actual orthopedic support that child's feet definitely need.
    Ankle supportive best house shoes that you can buy.
    We have been buying them for over 15 years now every winter.
    They are very durable and well made house shoes for kids.
    Feet will never sweat in those house shoes due to special soles.
    Wool is a breathable material so kids feet will not sweat in them ever.
    Those slippers run small so order size up.

    Heel supportive toddler slippers with good arches

    Pink wool house slippers for a child


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    N.D - Memphis, US 2013-09-05 00:18:11

    Wonderful quality - made in France to top that off! Great, great arch support in those plus they are made out of natural wool. They fit my daughter so well....winner for a winter. You sell the best quality shoes available in USA - no store come close to quality you offer. I can say that with confidence after buying shoes from your store for over 6 years now. Nancy D.

    Debra C - Ottawa, Canada 2013-09-05 00:17:34

    This is the best slipper for a child! Cute, well made out of natural wool (so feet do no perspire) and that leather support inside is truly amazing. I had those exact slippers with hearts on them last year and boy they wore amazing in the house entire winter. FANTASTIC! Thank you that you offered them again this season!

    Jeremy D. San Francisco 2013-08-23 22:52:16

    Cheeezzzz - LOVE them! Great Quality - Whoo hoo!