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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Senta Gold

Medical corrective kids boots to straighten their feet

Kids boots to straighten their feet
Gold high top girls boots for pigeon toe walkers to straighten their feet.

Children corrective straighten footwear for tiptoe walkers.

Weak ankles special straighten shoes for toddlers and kids best to form and straighten feet.

Made out of gold/beige/off white metallic leather.

Ortho arch present will straighten support that is needed for children in any boots.

No sweat feet in those boots ever.

Absolute best high top for older girl to straighten her feet.
Proper arches will straighten and form feet, ankle support boots will straighten girls feet.

Did you know that shoes or boots shape kids feet, straighten their feet thus quality boots on your child 24/7

Do not buy low quality boots in general as they deform kids feet.

All the feet problems are cause of none orthopedic garbage boots from China.
Cheap boots deform and destroy kids feet and quality boots will straighten kids feet.
If child is pronated, pigeon toed, ankles collapsing - those boots will straighten their feet.
Shaping kids feet takes time and straighten ankles and feet so is deforming them with cheap shoes.
So once you start with good shoes continue with quality only and you see results in 9 months.
Complete foot restoration in 3 years and those boots will straighten their feet.
Just do not rotate them with cheap shoes as whatever quality shoe does to the foot the cheap one deforms it and destroys the line up.
Child will position her feet better after wearing those boots for sure, they will straighten their feet over time.
Just buy ankle high top boots as those, later ankle high sandals or shoes and over time they will straighten her feet.

Weak ankles special shoes for toddlers

Gold leather high arch boots for girls


Sabrina from PA  -  16/02/2021

Amazed with customer service and knowledge those folks have about the orthopedic shoes for kids. E-mailed me within minutes and offered a load of best shoes for a child. Made the order, paid, received the shoes in 3 days. They fitted perfectly with some growing room. I only give them length of my baby's foot and that was all. You will never find such shoes in any local department store. Support, leather and color is fabulous. I will be your client for years since it was so easy to order from you.

Lizzy from NY  -  13/02/2020

This shoe is just LOVELY! Beautiful gold off white print! Love the style - is it a boot, sneaker? They are perfect for all year wear since they are light in weight, great support, easy on and off. My daughter walks in them so great - first shoes and they are one of a kind. Got size 26 which is size 9 and they run true to the size. Will be back for sandals of course! Very happy with this buy. Thank you guys - you are awesome!

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