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Kids fashion ortho canvas made sneakers for girls

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Brands Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Product Code: Voga White

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    Those are some cool high fashion sneakers for your child!
    They are just lovely, unique and they will pop on child's feet.
    They are high tops sneakers that are perfect for Spring or Summer.
    The sneakers are made out of white canvas mixed with leather combo.
    The canvas on them is sturdy, well made that holds the entire support of that high top.
    They are not soft, flimsy canvas like Converse for example that has no ankle nor foot support of any kind.
    The pink nose of the sneaker is made out of leather and they have leather innersoles inside
    Orthopedic arches are added to the leather innersole of the sneaker like all the shoes made in Europe.
    Sole has antibacterial innersole so no sweaty feet in those shoes ever.
    The sneakers have good ankle support with reinforced heel counter so child will not pronate in those shoes ever.
    The ankles are supported well, sturdy as it should be in any shoes for a child.
    They breathe very well as well since canvas material is very breathable.
    They open and close easily with side zipper on the side and laces are optional.
    Cool ankle sneakers, they truly are - just beautiful.
    They are decorated with multicolored print with paint spots and heart.
    100% made in Spain out of quality canvas and leather.
    They are orthopedic and supportive like all the genuine shoes that are made in Europe.
    Shoes are very important for kids since their feet are formed by type of shoes they wear.
    We in Europe buy only quality shoes that are made in Europe since they are the only orthopedic ones.
    If child wears low quality shoes their feet will deform over time and ankle pronation will develop and pigeon toe.
    That is a cause of wearing shoes with no support when child.
    Every child needs quality shoes since their feet are growing and forming.
    They all need ankle support, good arches (added to the soles of the shoes), well fitted shoes made out of leather or canvas.
    Shoes sold in USA are all come from China and they are low quality shoes,
    All the do over time is destroy and deform kids feet - nothing else.

    Fashion high top white orthopedic sneakers for girls

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