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Kids knocked knees problems boys best sandals

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Armando Beige

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  • Kids knocked knees problems best sandals
    They are tall and cover the entire ankle when child walking.
    They provide ultimate foot and ankle support for a toddler.
    Over time those shoes will align and support deformed ankles, knocked knees and posture problems
    Just do not rotate them with any local shoes but 2 pairs of of good quality ortho shoes as those.
    Reason for that is whatever quality shoe aligns the cheap one destroys the foot line up.
    Don't worry child will never be hot in those sandals either.
    Feet will be dry and protected at all times since they offer special innersoles that absorb sweat from kids feet.
    Leather on them is top top quality without any traces of mercury
    Did you know that any leather that comes from China has mercury on it.
    Mercury is a toxic substance that affects the skin, brand and other organs.
    That is why leather made in China is banned in any European country.
    We do not import shoes, belts, jackets, couches - any leather product made in China is toxic.
    European Ministry of Health strictly banns any leather product made in China.
    Returning to those sandals - they feature Wide toe box walking sandals for toddlers
    Made out of beige/blue leather.
    Easy close on child's foot.
    for kids with wide/high instep feet.
    High arches sandals
    Will not sweat on kids feet despite being closed toe.
    Anti-smell innersoles inside
    Best summer sandal for a child.
    Proper high top sandals that every child should wear so their feet will develop correctly

    Wide toe box walking sandals for toddlers

    Close back and covered front for active kids


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