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Kids shoes pronation and flat feet
Best style for slim narrow feet toddler girls
Made in Italy by Rossano out of softest best leather
Lovely orginal well made shoes with good arches inside.
Ankle supportive best preventive for pronation.
Heel supportive with stiff back and visible high arches.
They would support your toddlers feet and provided needed support.
Shoes as those are best ortho shoes for a child that every child need.
Black patent baby walking shoes with best support from Italy.
Good for regural to narrow feet toddler.
Made in Italy by Rossano brand out of best quality leather.
Black/red patent leather decorated with red heart.
Proper walking shoes for a child that would support kids feet and offer proper ortho support.

Black patent dress baby walking shoes from Italy

Narrow baby walking shoes with good arch


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Nancy - St.Petersburg,FL 2012-08-28 17:42:56

Wonderful style for Fall! Black with red patent - perfect combination. They will match any outfit we have. They are narrow and they fit my daughter perfectly. She says they are comfy to wear and asks for them everyday now. Truly wonderful shoes for a child. Very pleased with them - I will be back for winter boot.

Lorena M from New Mexico 2012-05-06 19:32:25

I got those last year for Fall and Christmas and they have been wonderful shoes. My baby wore them entire Fall/Winter daily and those shoes look like new! They even lasted daily "daycare" torture since my daughter wore them there as well. They did not scuff, peeled or faded in fact they look like never been worn. Amazing quality.