Geox flat feet fallen arches lime kids sneakers

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Brand: Geox

Product Code: Limek Blue

Flat feet fallen arches kids sneakers with support
Arched sneakers for a child with proper ankle support.
None sweat soles present so ok to wear them with no socks.
Absolute best gym shoes with none marking soles so they will not leave any lines on the gym floor.
Blue/navy leather and mesh material.
Proper sneakers for a child and orthopedic.
Child can use them for gym as well or daily wear.
You think that other popular sneakers brands have any support?
No they do not - none of them.
That is why child's feet getting deformed over time.
Flat feet, pigeon toes, ankle pronation are causes of wearing shoes with no support.
Kids feet are like jello you can form and shape them anyway you like.
If cheap shoes are worn then feet are deformed.
That is why in Europe only orthopedic shoes are allowed.
Every brand sold in any European market is orthopedic - if not you cannot sell them in Europe.
Also, they have to be manufactured in European territory.
Did you know that even Nike shoes sold in Europe for kids have to be orthopedic with support?
Yes, they are - since our Ministry of Health says so....if not - you cannot sell them here.
As a result no child in Europe has deformed feet.
We never seen kids with pigeon toes, ankle collapsed ever - why since they wear good shoes at all times.
Only shoes made in Europe are orthopedic and supportive, including those sneakers.

Sneakers for kids with weak ankles

Excellent orthopedic arch support


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