Knocked Knees Toddler Sandals | Tall Closed Back and Toes

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Azurek Gray

Knocked knees toddler sandals with high arches
Best to support and form kids feet
Provide optimal ankle support for child
Best to wear in hot weather since they never issue any blisters ever.
Leather on them is padded and well processed.
Orthopedic doctors approved sandals straight from Europe.
Certified orthopedic by Ministry of Health
Sandals of that caliber form kids feet and take care of all orthopedic problems.
Orthopedic sandals for baby with regural to wide feet with high instep.
Made out of gray smooth leather with hint of blue.
Ankle support for boys that every child does need as new walking sandals.
No smelly feet ever since they feature best anibacterial soles.
Close back and covered front for active kids.
Avoid Keens, Crocks and cheap sandals they cause of all foot problems.
Low quality shoes deform kids feet nothing else.
China produces some of the worst shoes out there since they have no clue what orthopedic shoe even is.
Orthopedic shoes only come from Europe and local manufacturers are experts in production of best shoes for kids and adults.

Orthopedic sandals for baby with wide feet

Ankle support best sandals for a toddler


Jason  -  31/05/2021

Wonderful and truly orthopedic shoes for a child. Glad I got them for my son since they support his feet well yet they are breathable.

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