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Boys boots for with ankle arch support

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Brands Murek

Product Code: Levin Blue

  • SKU: 45-4578
  • Leather boots for kids with arches
    High arches boots for kids from Europe
    Made out blue and gray leather.
    Ankle arches boots for kids with doctor special inserts.
    Best for weak ankles and foot pronation.
    Arches present, heel support orthopedic all the way.
    Any season best arches boots for a child
    Corrective for weak ankles heel support best
    Those arches boots shape and mold child foot so ortho arches are needed.
    Europe offers only quality arches boots that are orthopedic
    Footwear is regulated by European Union
    No cheap non ortho non arched shoes from China is sold there
    Shoes shape kids feet to make sure your child has only the best shoes on their feet.
    Those boots are super quality and made in Europe out of soft leather and offer best orthopedic support for kids.
    High arches, high ankle support, soft soles and best orthopedic support that you can offer in a ankle boot.

    High arch boots for kids from Europe

    Ankle boots for kids with doctor special inserts.


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