Leather boots for kids with supination

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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Mati Purple

Leather boots for kids with supination
Heel support best for a toddler girl.
Quality for weak ankles and severe pronation.
Made out of purple, pink and yellow leather.
Ultra soft lamb leather on those boots.

Well constructed boots for kids will align kids feet over time.
Buy only high tops for your child if they pronated.
High ankle sandals. boots or sneakers.
All sneakers made in Europe have supportive heel so even if they are lower in the back ankle is supported at all times.
Over time ankles will line up and supination will improve and disappear.
Do not rotate between quality shoes as those and cheap ones with no support.
You never see any improvement in supination and how child is walking.
Whatever quality shoe improves the foot the cheap one collapses and deforms kids feet so it is like jojo effect.
We put good shoes on a child 24/7 in Europe and never have any feet problems.
Money is spent on the shoes not orthodics that do nothing to kids feet in a long run.

Heel support best for a toddler girl.

Lamb leather girls soft walking boots


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