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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Appa Fuschia

Restorative sneakers for child in fuschia leather

Pink fashion European sneakers for child

High arch support for girls best sneakers

Podiatrist recommended shoes for toddlers
Proper ortho toddlers sneakers for a child with actual support.
Best leather used and heel is reinforced with extra support so ankles stay in a place and does not pronate.
Back is well supported for proper ankle alignment since most of kids in USA pronate.
Reason for that is none of the toddlers footwear imported from China are supportive nor orthopedic.
They do not offer any arch support nor supportive heel thus feet begun to turn and pronate.
All orthopedic problems kids display are caused by wearing cheap footwear by children.
If child sneakers are low quality then they will deform and destroy kids feet.
Child is not born with pigeon toes or ankle pronation.
What do you think causes the issue?
Cheap toddlers footwear from China - any brand you name it - Keens, Crocks, cheap sneakers, Merells, Nike, Stride Rite any brand sold in USA.
Those type of child footwear are ultra low quality and does not feature any ortho support.
Actually is quite opposite - they destroy kids feet.
Those shoes pictured are made in Europe and they truly orthopedic ones.
Orthopedic means they form and support kids feet assuring proper growth and foot development.
Europe does not produce cheap footwear with no support.
Every producer is required to make them orthopedic and follow the orthopedic standards set by Ministry of Health.
Shoes for kids in Europe are considered foot development need so they have to be absolute best.
No child in Europe walks around in cheap shoes with pronated, deformed feet.
Every child has good quality footwear on their feet and no feet problems are displayed since those toddlers sneakers will support and form them correctly.
On the other hand USA has a business of selling orthodics to kids and foot doctors visits.
First kids feet are deformed with cheap footwear from China and then orthodics made by doctor are sold.
Well, parents fail to understand that orthodics will never restore kids feet to healthy condition, barely some improvement.
Good orthopedic toddlers sneakers with actual arch support is the only way to go.
We in Europe never ever put garbage sneakers on our kids -never!
That is why we end up as adults with perfectly formed feet and posture.
It is all done once a child and feet and body is growing.
Shoes as those cost good money in Europe since people who manufacture them gets paid living wages.
We pay for health product pretty much so it is worth it.
In USA parents think that child footwear for a child have to be cheap as they change them every few months.
Totally not true, pair of good shoes should last entire 5-6 months of wear and only 2 pairs of good sneakers are needed.
It is best to buy 2 pairs of good footwear for whole season then closet of cheap sneakers that will destroy your kids feet.
We recommend that you stay away from shoes made in China since they are not made correctly for kids feet and basically they deform their feet.
Europe produces best shoes possible - any country you visit in Europe offers local brands and they all orthopedic.


Simon  -  19/12/2019

Very good and well made sneakers. My daughter wore them non stop with no problems good support as well.

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