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Product Code: Klemens Blue

Leather sandals for a boys with pronation

Leather sandals for a boys with pronation.
Ankle supportive orthopedic support best for ankle alignment.
Best for narrow or wide feet since they adjust well.
Those sandals have proper ankle height that would support and over time straight kids ankles.
Buy only good ankle supportive shoes as well with high ankle alignment.
It takes a time to deform kids foot and it takes time to correctly align it.(about 3 years or so of supportive shoes only).
European made shoes are the only ones with actual orthopedic support that are best for kids feet.
If they have no support they will destroy your kids feet and you see your boy walking with pigeon toes, pronated feet or flat feet.
Kids shoes form their feet - as the child grows feet develop supporting spine, posture and whole body.
Just imagine if the feet are collapsing and turning inwards how would the whole body be affected.
That is why in Europe it is prohibited to sell and import junk shoes with no support.
Every department store is required by European Law to sell only supportive shoes for kids.
It is not a luxury in any way for any European country - it is a standard.
We used to that good shoes cost money and they are important for kids feet.
Children need only two pairs per season so total 4 pairs is purchased through a year.
Shoes that will properly develop your kids feet and offer best support

Aligment best sandals for boys

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