Spanish leather ankle boots for girls

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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Poja Gray

Simply the best ankle boots for a child from Spain.
Wonderful quality with reinforced heel support
Good ankle pronation support stable heel and soft soles.
Made out of gray smooth leather with heart decoration on the sides.
Easy on and off with velcro close.
Biomecanical soles present designed in University of Valencia.
Totally waterproof and could be worn in a rainy weather.
Foot will be supported and correct in those ankle pronation shoes at all times.
Arches present in those ankle pronation correct shoes in the soles
All the European ankle pronation made shoes are manufactured same way.
No flat shoes ever comes from Europe they are all with ankle support.
Child will never sweat in those ankle pronation shoes as they absorb sweat from feet.
None sweat soles present inside.
Quality ankle pronation shoes as those correctly form and correct children feet and assist in proper foot and posture development.
Spent money on good ankle correct shoes for your children as it affects their body and posture and prevents pronation.
You will avoid many doctors visits, orthodics and other problems.
Orthodics with ankle support will never restore child's foot only good shoes will create a big improvement.
It happens over time as they will align kids feet and ankle.
It takes time to destroy and deform kids feet with cheap shoes, at the same time it takes time to restore it.
Child will stay with feet problems and posture issues if cheap shoes are worn.

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