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Leather tall best snow boots for kids

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Brands Murek

Product Code: Borek Gray

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  • Leather tall best snow boots for kids
    Weightless snow boots for your boy or girl.
    Best for deep snow since they are totally water resistant.
    Enjoy them entire winter in crazy cold or deep snow.
    Made in Europe not China - thus best quality and tested for perfection.
    Winter in Europe lasts entire 8 months so we need top, top quality snow boots.
    Those are definitely are the best.
    Those snow boots are like feather - ultra light.
    Child cannot have heavy rubber, stiff uncomfy snow boots.
    Reason is if the boots on their feet are heavy they deform their posture and body gait.
    Over time child will begun signs of pigeon toes.
    It will be caused by those heavy rubber boots.
    They are not orthopedic nor supportive so avoid rubber heavy, chunky boots at all cost.
    UGS are not good as well. Just look at images what they do to kids feet.
    They collapse the ankles.

    Boots perfect for any cold temperature and snow

    Made out of the best quality smooth lamb leather kids boots


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    Liliana, MA 2019-09-11 18:18:09

    The best snow boots made in Europe. Light, flexible, real wool, waterproof sole with traction..great color, top quality. Lasted entire winter with no problems. Durable for daily wear and cold winter. I only buy quality shoes for my kids and they end up with well formed feet and posture. Something that US moms completely do not understand and care. In Europe every child has good shoes on their feet and we have zero orthopedic problems as kids or adults. In USA there is a big business of orthodics and already destroyed feet with zero support Chinese made shoes. Thankfully, my child is immune from that since I do understand what shoes exactly do to growing and forming feet.

    Steven, Colorado 2015-10-08 14:04:50

    Been buying Murek snow boots since 2009 for all of my kids and those snow boots are truly the best. Real wool, soft, light, comfy and they never, ever soaked my kids feet. Had them for both boys and girls and every time is a winner. Great product.