Left ankle turning in toddler fix shoes

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Brand: Murek

Product Code: Mabel Purple

Left ankle turning in toddler fix shoes.
Yes, they will correct pigeon toes in child.
Those boots have all proper ortho support that is needed for little feet.
Tall back, ortho arches, none sweat soles.
When child is wearing such shoes over time they will improve and align their feet and ankles.
Collapsed, ankle turning feet can be improved and restore with those shoes as they are orthopedic.
Those shoes are great for left or tight ankle turning inwards, pronation it is called.
To see any improvement it takes about a year and total foot restore about 3 years.
However, immediately you will see child will walk better, with supported ankles
Feet will never smell in those boots as they absorb sweat from soles.
Keep your child in quality shoes only and do not rotate between low quality ones.
There reason is whatever ortho shoes fixes the cheap ones destroys the line up and you will not see clear difference.
Local shoes worn by children deform their feet posture and body.(any brand you name it is made in China and none orthopedic)
They have zero arch support, zero ankle support, soles are not ortho not measured.
That would cause little feet to deform over time.

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Malika,  -  03/01/2020

This boot is truly perfect! The color is purple/lilac and support is top notch in them....Quality is supreme as expected and they are flexible. Arch support is huge - (that is what little feet do need). Very happy with those!

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