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Moccasins for a baby with dots

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Brands Nowa Li

Product Code: Dotki Pink

  • SKU: 12-4520
  • Moccasins for baby with dots by NowaLi.
    Stylish girls NowaLi moccasins featuring colorful dots.
    Non slip leather sole slippers for kids by Nowali.
    Hand made in Sweden by NowaLi out of best quality breathable yarn.
    Made out of navy Oko-Tex quality yarn by NowaLi.
    Slips easily on toddler foot and they securely stay on. 
    Warm and perfect for daily toddler use by NowaLi.
    Flexible leather sole for toddler with traction.
    Comfortable NowaLi slippers for toddlers that like to run barefoot but have their feet warm.
    Those toddler moccasins will be perfect for that purpose.
    It is like going barefoot but having some slippers on.
    This brand been making those toddler moccasins for year now and they are offered in baby to teen sizes.
    Their product is durable and well made since they last entire season for a baby or toddler.
    They feature colorful usually animal or fun designs.
    We sell many of them every year and we like them for baby or toddler  it is some alternative so good supportive sleeper.
    Those slippers contour to baby or toddler foot so it is like walking barefoot.

    Non slip sole slippers for kids

    Soft sole slippers for a toddler with leather soles


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