Designer sneakers for girls multicolored leather

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Brand: Biomecanics

Product Code: Zebra Multi

Multicolored leather sneakers for a girl with unique twist.
Leather and decorated with pink sequins on the side panels.
Lovely unique Spanish sneaker with proper orthopedic support

They are Biomecanics sneakers with biomechanical patent soles
Those soles hold ankles in place and offer best ankle support.
They are effective for pronation, pigeon toe, tip toe walking, flat feet.
Supportive best casual gym shoes for active child.
Flat feet develop due to cheap shoes with zero support.
Over time foot becomes deformed and flat feet develop.
Only 5% of flat feet are genetic, rest is acquired due to cheap shoes with zero support.
Babies are born with flat pudgy feet that are flat, once they turn 20 months arch develops in their feet.
It is very crucial that during that time child wears only supportive shoes.
When foot is supported with good arch, foot arch forms better and faster plus aligns child's foot to perfection.
Made out of multicolored black/gold/pink/silver leather.
No sweaty feet in those sneakers ever antibacterial soles inside.
Child is wearing them and feet stay dry and protected.
Super soft and light in weight - all handmade in Spain

Biomecanics girls best sneakers from Spain

Quality orthopedic sneakers for girls


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