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Narrow soled house shoes for kids with support
Classic green slippers for child made with anti sweat material
This slipper has it all
Arches, special soles that massage kids feet and promote blood circulation.
True ortho house shoes for kids.
Europe makes best footwear for kids with actual foot forming effect.
Kids only wear such shoes in daycare, schools or house and end up with perfect feet as an adult.
Great addition to leather shoe is this slipper so child would have proper support at all times.

Quality slippers for kids with arch support

Flat foot house shoes support for kids


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Amy - 2014-01-18 01:35:50

Actually good slippers. Bought them 6 months ago and my son wears them non stop. They did not broke, tore or wore off. They still look great to pass down to little cousin. Definitely quality product.

Leslie D. Boston, MA 2013-09-07 17:49:14

Easy on and off design and great support. We got them for Winter wear for a 4 years old. We have wooden floors here so warmers slippers are must. Great support in them as well. I ordered size bigger and I am glad i did since they fit well but they are not too big.

Laura - St.Petersburg,FL 2013-03-09 23:00:41

Great quality slippers for a child....I am buying them again since I already had the navy ones and they were wonderful. My son wore them since September and they held up great for a daily house wear. Perfect on wooden floors, I must say that...Great support, fit and his feet were always dry and protected. I am always pleased with every order that I ever made from your store. The shoes are always great and quality. Therefore, I do not bother to search on other sites.