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Good support shoes for girls made with natural leather

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Product Code: Gobi Burgundy

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  • Natural leather shoes for girls with good support.
    Good arch sneakers for girls with wide feet
    Proper orthopedic shoes for girls
    Ankle pronation best with covered heel for alignment fix.
    Shoes are deep in the back with sturdy heel and that is what is needed for pronated feet.
    Anit smell and anti sweat soles with arches present.
    Burgundy/pink leather.
    Casual well made kids shoes corrective for any foot problems.
    Did you know that all kids problems are result of cheap none supportive shoes for kids.
    Shoes sold in USA are made in China and they are not orthopedic not supportive.
    All they do is deform kids feet so over time you notice child pronated with pigeon toes.
    That is a cause of cheap shoes with zero support.
    Flat feet are also cause of all junk they import from China and sell it to parents.
    Keens, Sorel, Crocks, UGS, cheap sneakers, even Stride Rite they are made in China now and they are not orthopedic.
    So what kind of expectation does parent have if the shoes are such a crap?
    Shoes made in Europe are the only orthopedic ones with actual arches and ankle support for a child.
    They form kids feet posture and form kids feet correctly.
    That is what we been doing in Europe for generations and no one is pigeon toed or pronated there
    Shoes on the child are quality from the day they starting to walk and stand.
    We continue till they teens and by the time they are adult they have well formed feet and posture.
    Good shoes cost money to make and people who make them gets paid living wages.
    If those shoes were manufactured in USA they cost more or about the same.
    Shoes are needed for kids for body development it is not a fashion statement in any way.
    China does not know what orthopedic even is so how can they manufacture something of value of quality?

    Burgundy and pink leather sporty shoes for girls

    Good arch sneakers for girls with wide feet


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    Jamie Boston, MA 2017-08-24 01:52:01

    Great shoes with good arch support...color is like reddish dark bordo with pink lines - not too much just one right. My daughter being 7 years old wanted to wear them and find them comfortable. Owned them for about 3 months now and no complains. Practical, supportive and well made shoes. Sporty, sneaker style so she wears them with any clothes and now ever in school. Will buy another pair in about a month or so..worth the money for sure.