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Natural step sandals for a new walker

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Manufacturer Biomecanics

Product Code: Piki Gray

  • SKU: 10-01245
  • Tags:  child weak ankles shoes

    Natural step sandals for a new walker
    Boy with good orthopedic arches.
    Best quality natural step sandals for a toddler with weak ankles
    Flat feet, and ankle pronation.
    Gray leather decorated with orange trim.
    Cool natural step sandals with anatomic soles
    Brought from Spain by Biomecanics for kids in USA.
    Spent money on quality natural step sandals for your child
    You will avoid many feet problems later.
    In Europe every child wears only best natural step sandals as those and we end up with well formed feet.
    No child walks around pigeon toed and pronated since the shoes we make are supportive.
    We do not have medicine for profit like in USA so orthopedic doctors visits and orthodics are none existent in Europe.
    If you see orthopedic doctor in Europe is only for suggestion of natural step sandals - good natural step sandals orthopedic ones as those.
    No pediatrician nor foot doctor in Europe will never tell parent that sandals does not matter, quite contrary they will describe all the features of best shoes for a child.
    Doctors are not paid by any shoe brand nor manufacturing company but they will describe all the features of best walking shoes for a child and teach you about quality shoes for kids.
    They will educate you how they impact kids feet, body and posture.
    How all the orthopedic problems can be avoided with best shoes when child is still small and growing.
    Every child needs such natural step sandals for good foot development and posture.
    In USA doctors tell you that shoes does not matter and cheap shoes are ok to wear.
    Not true, pure insanity - USA has business of making orthodics for kids for already deformed and pronated feet.
    Why do you think that is?
    First they say natural step shoes does not matter and then they want to sell you orthodics?
    Orthodics will never restore your kids feet, shoes only good shoes will make good improvement and over time align your toddlers feet.
    Plus child will be comfortable wearing those natural step sandals at all times.

    Sandals for new walker boy by Biomechanics

    First walkers soft shoes from Spain


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