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Brand: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada

Product Code: Kiss Blue

Designer ankle boots for girl in blue leather

Lovely, unique and cute girls leather boots from Spain.
Blue navy leather and decorated with lips and eyelashes. 
Double velcro closure and easy on and off fit.
Corrective high tops and hand made by Agatha Ruiz in Spain.

Quality supportive kids boots in dark blue soft leather.
Ankle pronation best with reinforced heel support as they should be.
Antibacterial soles inside so child feet will never perspire in them.
Arch supported where arch is contoured into the sole of the model.
Therefore, foot will be supported at all times since rubber is a flexible material and never goes flat.
Very light in weight, and crafted to perfection.
Soles are pink with good traction so perfect for running and jumping.
Avoid cheap heavy boots that are made out of low quality materials.
Shoes form and shape kids feet therefore in Europe every child wears only the best shoes that are locally made.
There is no low quality shoes from China for a reason, since shoes for kids are viewed as developmental need.
Every child need leather shoes with proper ankle and arch support, not just those with feet problems.
Girls in Europe wear only those types of boots and they end up with well formed feet and good posture.
Even boots for children in Europe are orthopedic since shoes for children have to be absolute best and top quality boots included.
Those ankle boots not only unique but functional and will correct any foot issues child might have.

Unique toddler walking shoes with support

Quality Spanish shoes for a child


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