Navy leather high top wool snow boots for boys

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Brand: Murek

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Navy leather high top snow boots for boys
Those are some phenomenal high top snow boots for children
Honestly it does not get better then those -
They have style, look, quality and ortho support in one.
Child can torment high tops entire winter and never has wet feet.
They are weightless - literally - like feather.
Why, since high top snow boots for a child cannot be heavy, bulky, stiff or rubber heavy.
Heavy boots destroy kids feet and their body gait -
When they walk and position their feet, heavy boots will develop pigeon toes.
Plus quality snow boots have to have ortho arches present.
Those are no exception.
Lined with waterproof gortex material and inside they have ultra warm wool.
The feet will never smell or sweat in those high top boots since it is a natural material not synthetic.
Furthermore, those boots are high top and posture corrective boots.
Kids in Europe wear only such high top boots and winter in Europe is crazy long.
They even wear them in school since feet never sweat in them either.
It is like best of the best of high top snow boots.

Order size up in this model since wool takes one size away.

Posture corrective shoes for toddlers from Europe.

Warm snow boots for kids with arches


Lucy Virginia - 23/10/2019

Very durable boots. My son torments the shoes and destroys them so quickly that sometimes I am even puzzled how he does it. I only buy European shoes for him since the support, leather and overall quality is best. Those are among best ones since they look so well for 2 month torture. No scratches, no scuffs, wear wonderfully. Support and leather on them is great and I like them far better then Primigi that I always buy. Will definitely switch to that brand from now on.

Marina, D - NY - 25/01/2019

Those boots are great...nice color, style and durable for entire winter wear. My son wore them daily to school, playgrounds, plus all over the city since we walk a lot - even in a winter. His feet never sweat in those since they lined with real wool. They are waterproof and snowproof for sure since he never had wet feet in them. They also not too short just below the knee so perfect height. Not heavy nor clunky either. This was my second purchase from this store and they have good shoes in general. They are made in Europe so they are not Chinese knock offs for sure. I will be buying Spring shoes soon so I try another or same brand for sure. I usually go after style, durability of the shoe since we only buy 2 pairs a season for my son...but I spent money on quality shoes. I do not buy local, junk Chinese made shoes since they deform kids feet.

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