Navy patent leather school shoes for girls

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Polinezja Navy

Navy patent leather shoes for girls
Great school shoes or special occasion best style.
Child can wear them entire Fall season as well since they universal shoes.
Very durable and they will not scuff at all.
European made out of best navy leather with good orthopedic support.
Those shoes have it all, arches, heel support preventive for ankle pronation that kids develop due to none supportive shoes.
Ankle is stabilized with reinforced leather heel so when child walks the heel stays in the packet at all times.
Foot is supported well and over time will align kids feet and posture.
None sweat soles present so no wet smelly feet ever.
Rubber soles for walking and running with good traction.
Quality shoes for a child as they should be since kids feet are formed by the shoes they wear.
That is why invest in best shoes for your child from young to teen years.
Shoes impact kids feet, posture, back, knees, and whole body gait.
Just imagine if feet are deformed - pigeon toed, pronated how would they affect their posture in a long run.
Pain will develop in feet, knees, back and shoulders with time and that stays permanent through adulthood.
The only time kids feet are forming when they are growing and their feet growing till they are 14 years old.

Special occasion shoes for kids

Quality leather shoes for school


Leticia from Miami  -  09/08/2021

Quality shoes all the way and best for school season. I got those since local schools are very picky about any designs on them. Those are well made, quality shoes with excellent arch support. They look great with school outfit. My daughter liked them instantly. I always bought her quality European shoes and her feet developed nicely over the years. No plastic, cheap Chinese shoes ever - now she walks nicely, with shoulders up and her heels are not collapsing or feet turning in like I see it common on other children in her school.

Sissy C - Chicago, IL  -  01/10/2019

God those shoes are durable like hell! Had them in a blue color last year and my daughter wore them everyday non-stop to school. After time, torture and constant wear they still look great. My God Europeans know how to produce quality - I am amazed. Just bought a black one.

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