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Open toe sandals for toddler from France

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Brands Bopy

Product Code: Browar Blue

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  • Cute boys blue leather sandals with open toe
    Ankle supportive with reinforced heel support
    Orthopedic arches are in the soles since no flat shoes is ever made in Europe.
    Flexible soles for running and walking
    Only type of sandal that toddler should wear, out of leather with good ankle support.
    If child wears rubber shoes, plastic shoes, junk shoes from China that USA is full of
    The he will develop ankle pronation, flat feet and pigeon toes guaranteed!
    In Europe no parent places soft none supportive on any toddler.
    We call them orthopedic footwear in Europe and every toddler wears them.
    As a result we have well formed feet posture, body gait and well formed feet.
    Soles are soft but construction of the shoe is sturdy and supports little feet to perfection.
    Did you know that foot muscle are supported by the footwear child wears?
    Ankle high tops with good supportive heel is a key here.
    Reinforced heel that keeps muscle and whole foot in a packet when child is walking.
    Back in 1950 in USA those walkers were called high tops, we call them orthopedic footwear in Europe.
    Strange thing is that USA switched to cheap footwear with zero support since then and Europe continues with supportive shoes.
    They work for kids feet and form kids feet correctly.
    Every orthopedic doctor in Europe will tell you that, not in USA as system here is deform kids feet and then sell you orthodics later.
    Problem with orthodics is they will not correct your kids feet, even those given by foot doctor.
    They cost on average $900 and up but they will make some improvement to kids feet, but they will never restore them to healthy position.
    Orthopedic supportive shoes will do that - not orthodics.
    USA has business of AFO, SMO, orthodics, medical orthopedic appointments, therapy but it can all be prevented with good sandals as those.
    Good walkers cost money in Europe, they always did, so invest in good feet and posture for your child.
    Made out of combination of colors gray/red/white leather in France.
    High support shoes for low muscle tone in toddlers best to use as sandal or spring shoe.
    High arches present inside and good heel alignment.
    Arch support is added to the sole of the model and that technology supports toddlers feet perfectly.
    Rubber sole never goes flat so toddlers foot is supported at all times.
    Technology was updated back in 1990 by adding orthopedic arch into the soles.
    Lining inside is just for comfort of a child, foot is supported with a bump by orthopedic soles.

    Ankle sturdy boys sandals with arches

    Pronation preventive toddler sandals


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