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Brand: Geox

Product Code: Ptak Orange

Flat foot best boys sneakers in ornage and blue leather

Orthopedic sneakers for kids with heel support
Mesh gray material and leather combo that is just perfect to any season.
Geox made ankle supportive best sneakers.

Orthopedic with proper ankle support that prevents ankle pronation.
Orthopedic arches inside and none sweat soles since kids feet sweat more then adults.
Arch support is added to the sole and contoured for best support.
There is no such thing as flat shoes for kids in Europe.
Either they are supportive or banned from mass sale.
Quality is a key and proper support for kids feet and posture.
Made out of orange and blue mash material and leather.
Perfect Summer sneakers or best for gym since they have none marking soles.
Top velcros for easy on and off.
Feet will not perspire due to leather soles with arches.
Grip best soles in gray rubber.
Summer weak no socks with those.

Sneakers for kids with good none marking soles

Good arch sneakers for kids gym


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