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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Ramirez Gray/Blue

Gray leather ankle support ortho shoes for boy

Ortho gray shoes for a boy
European made quality leather multi toned shoes for boy.
Those shoes feature it all that child does need for healthy foot development and good posture.
Shoes affect boys growing and molding feet, ankles, back and ankle support.
If shoes are cheap and none supportive then they will affect feet and whole body.
They are lather with profiled soles and good measured feet for a child.
Shoes in Europe are manufactured with care and measured very well.
The idea behind that concept is that they form and support boys feet thus good shoes are needed.
Footwear for kids boys and girls is regulated in all European countries under Healthy Foot Mark.
Orthopedic shoes only that are approved by European Ministry of Health are allowed for sale only.
Any country you visit in Europe you notice local and imported shoes on the store shelves.
They all will be supportive and best quality.
No European country imports shoes from China since shoes are viewed as developmental need.
We consider kids or boy shoes as investment in feet and good posture.
Shoes made in Europe are expensive in general since labor and materials used cost money.
It is worth it since your child will end up with well formed feet.
We do not spent and invest money on doctors visits and orthodics.
People fail to understand that once child gets to the point of orthodics their feet are already deformed.

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