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Baby beige ankle high leather ortho sandals

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  • Ortho sandals for baby
    European made with good arch support.
    Quality high top sandals for a new walkers
    Proper heel support, orthopedic arch for weak ankles.
    Made out of beige leather with hint of gold.
    They slide easily on child's foot and close with side buckle.
    Arches, heel support and ankle support present.
    Support that is needed for small children.
    No sweat little sandals for a small walker.
    Those sandals will form and support your baby's feet to perfection.
    Child will avoid of all orthopedic problems with good shoes as those.
    Stay away from cheap shoes made in China, they are the cause of all feet problems in children.
    We Europeans do not have deformed feet or any orthopedic issues since as children we wear good shoes from baby to teen years.

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