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Red Garvalin sandals for boys with support

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Brands Garvalin

Product Code: Boser Red

  • SKU: 66-78589
  • Red Garvalin sandals for boys with arch support.
    Orthopedic ortho sandals for kids with arches
    Best fit for a child that is easily adjustable on his feet.
    Good arches inside for a boy and none sweat soles.
    Stylish model sandal with Garvalin logo on the side
    Red leather in two tone color. 
    Made in Spain by Garvalin brand but we can ship them any place even Australia.
    Ultra comfy with proper arch and ankle support for kids
    Supportive ortho sandals that will last entire season
    Try them they ultra light, comfy and your child will love them.
    Anti smell soles present they will test great in ultra hot climate.
    Best for regural to narrow feet.
    Truly cool style for active boy.
    This is an example of a sandal that child should wear with actual support.
    Feet are formed by ortho sandals and shoes child wears.
    Europeans are leaders in orthopedic shoes with actual support.
    Child is required to wear good shoes as their feet are forming due to shoes they wear.
    Avoid cheap sandals as all cost for your child.
    You not saving any money with doing so, quite opposite you destroying kids feet and posture.
    Popular sandals as Keens, Crocs, Merels they are garbage shoes made out of synthetic leather with zero support.
    Kids feet smell in them horribly and they offer zero to no support.
    Investing in good sandals for a child is a great investment since once feet are deformed no change can be done.
    Orthodics, doctors visits alignment problems, pronation, flat feet, pigeon toe is all result of wearing cheap shoes.
    Order size bigger in those sandals the sole runs small.

    Double velcro easy on and off kids shoes

    Good arch boys summer shoes


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