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Orthopedia boots with good arch for kids
Proper light, flexible and with profiled soles toddler snow boots.
Best baby boots that you can buy for a small child.
They will support his feet to perfection, assuring proper foot alignment.
Gray/blue leather lined with gortex and wool.
Waterproof, snow proof absolute best that you can buy.
Perfect ankle supportive snow boots that will not deform your toddler's feet.
All the snow boots sold in USA are deforming kids feet, they are not supportive not orthopedic and HEAVY.
Since when rubber boot that weight more then child themselves could be good for your toddler's feet?
How about UGS that have no heel support and child pronates in those after one season of wear?
Children also get pigeon toes from those boots as well.
We Europeans never, ever buy crap boots for our children but always supportive always quality, always best.
Reason is they will form kids feet correctly and align the posture.
Once feet are destroyed improvements could be made but foot will never be restored, just improved with good boots and sometimes orthodics given by a doctor.

Ankle support best walking toddler boots

Flat foot support best boys shoes


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Dina, Hinsdale, IL 2016-01-03 14:05:42

Very nice navy color boot for my child for Winter. Great wool inside and beautiful soft leather. I just got them in Hinsdale store along with other shoes we got for Fall. I love this store and I always bought shoes there for my child. They only sell top quality and all made in Europe. We always go for breakfast in Egg Harbor and then shoe shopping! This place gets nuts busy on the weekends so we always come early just right when they open.