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Orthopedic baby slippers for kids on sale

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Brands ZetPol

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  • SKU: 45-4585
    • Orthopedic baby slippers for kids on sale
    • Wide foot baby slippers for new walkers
    • Best for a toddler with wide ankles and high instep.
    • Brown breathable velvet/canvas material.
    • Easy zip close that does not open on its own.
    • Has it all in ortho support, arches, heel, stable soles, none sweat lining.
    • Perfect walker for a small baby.
    • They are great ortho slippers for a child, boy or girl. 

    Wide foot baby slippers for new walkers

    Good slippers for a child on sale


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    Natasha 2014-02-13 14:17:14

    Moose Feet! I love it - this slipper is hilarious and fits wide chubby feet like a glove. The durability is also great since they wear like iron especially that we had them already for 7 months!

    Liliana - Schaumburg, IL 2013-09-02 23:25:22

    My son's feet are like blocks - literally. Those fit him so well and they are easy on and off with the side zipper. Cute moose design too. I got them for my baby to wear in the house. I also bought quality Fall shoes for him from another brand from Hinsdale store. I like that this place sells only quality - the shoes are expensive but they are the best that you can buy for small feet. There is NO better store in in Chicago suburbs and it run by European owner. Too bad that they closed one in Glenview because it was closer for me to drive there. Super store and super quality shoes - those slippers included. Liliana D.

    Tina J. - Aurora, IL 2013-01-18 02:44:22

    What a lovely and quality slippers for a child. I got them for a gift for my grandson and he learned how to walk in them. Wonderful quality! Baby needs quality and supportive shoes at all times since their feet are developing. Unfortunately my daughter in law completely does not understand that and she bought some cheap non-supportive shoes that baby could not even take few steps in them. I am Italian and I did explained to her about importance of quality shoes and how much in Europe we do pay for the adult and kids shoes. Thank God there is a grandmother around who will be buying quality shoes for her first grandson. Grandma Tina

    Rene from Nebraska 2013-01-18 02:42:33

    Those slippers have been great. Perfect for wide feet and high instep. My baby's feet are like wide blocks and not every style fits well. Those worked like a charm. He wars them constantly in the house. They have great arch support in them and his feet are never wet or perspire. I also bought a pair of European boots form that site and they wore wonderfully. This store sells only quality shoes, I must say.