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Orthopedic heel support green boys shoes

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Kolik Olive

  • SKU: 55-87458
  • Tags:  closed heel sandals

    Orthopedic heel support boys shoes
    Stylish boys sporty t-strap shoes/sandals
    Quality shoe/sandal for a boy.
    Stable back quality kids shoes
    Olive green in color with frontal openings
    Best to wear in the summer with no socks (wear them with socks couple times as leather have to expand first).
    No smelly feet ever in those sandals anti smell soles present.
    Air fresh soles that will keep feet dry and protected.

    Heel is supported at best will not pronated in those super shoes.
    Reinforced ankle support with reinforced heel best for ankle pronation and pigeon toes.
    Heel in them is perfectly supported so the feet do not pronate in them at all.
    Over time they will align kids feet into correct position
    Just rotate them with good quality shoes or sneakers.
    Quality shoes only if you want to make a positive change in kids feet.
    Since whatever quality shoe does to the foot the cheap one deforms and destroys kids feet.
    Wear them with no socks and they will not cause any blisters or problems.

    Soles are flexible for walking and running
    Absolute handsome shoes for older boys
    Only style that every child wears in Europe with actual support and best preventive for ankle pronation.
    True quality supportive ankle sandals for boys.

    Closed heel sandals for boys with arches

    Stylish high arch support boys shoes


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