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Orthopedic leather outdoor shoes for boys

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Brands Kopecki

Product Code: Guven Olive

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  • Orthopedic outdoor shoes for boys
    Weak ankles heel support best boys shoes with arches
    Pronation preventive with proper ankle alignment.
    Mount of the shoe is sturdy and will not bend when wearing.
    Ortho support inside like in all European shoes.
    Good for regural to wider feet.
    Cool color green with hint of orange.
    Ok to wear them barefoot and child will never sweat in them.
    Type closed back sandal that is needed for deformed feet.
    Did you know that Europe only offers truly orthopedic shoes.
    Shoes manufactured in Europe are made according to orthopedic guidelines set by the Euro Union.
    Cheap shoes made in low cost countries are harmful for kids.
    Over time you notice foot and walking problems in your child.
    Parents have no clue that it is due to none supportive shoes child wears.
    Local US pediatrician dismisses the idea of good shoes, but that it is only in USA.
    Visit any doctor in Europe and they will be suggesting supportive shoes for your child.
    It is not like something new here, Europe have been making quality shoes right after the Second World War.
    Quality, leathers and improvement were made over time.
    Now, Europe has the best shoes for kids and adults.

    Weak ankles heel present boys shoes with arches

    Flat foot best boys shoes with best ortho support


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    Justine Mentz 2014-02-26 02:28:21

    Great shoes and durable!!!! My son wore them to death, literally last season. He liked them so much that I decided to buy them again for this year. The color is nice and matches any outfit. Inside you can see a great arch support something that local shoes sold in department stores totally lacking. It was my first order last year and I came back to buy more shoes because of the quality and durability.

    Rania - 2014-02-06 15:01:41

    Very well made shoes! My son had them in blue color last year and boy they did hold up so well! I just got a green one (wonderful that the size was available) and I am sure we will wear them this year for Spring and Summer. It you searching for durable, well made shoe with profiled soles - that will be it. Very happy with them and they well worth the money.