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Orthopedic sandals child with heel ankle support

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Brands Dawid

Product Code: Somerset Fuschia

  • SKU: 45784512-12
  • Orthopedic sandals child with heel support
    Ankle supportive sandals for a child with weak ankles.
    Ankles turning inwards or when right ankle turns in
    Best for heel support for a child with ankle problems

    They are also great for ankle pronation since they feature reinforced heel
    They are high in the back and foot literally drops into them when child has them on.
    Back of that shoe is sturdy and well supported - despite that they appear to be low at the heel
    The effect is the same as in those ankle high shoes or boots.

    Easy fit for orthodics as they close with double velcro.
    High arch shoes for kids
    Made out of fuschia and pink leather.
    Perfect sporty style for a child.
    Long velcros for easy fit
    Will fit any type of foot since velcros are long.
    Unique girls shoes best for summer
    Not made in China but Europe
    we never sell low quality shoes for kids
    They deform kids feet, thus stay away from Crocks, Keens, cheap flip flops as they cause kids feet to deform.

    Best sandals for child camps and summer

    High instep double velcro shoes for a child


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