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Brand: Dawid

Product Code: Somerset Charcoal

Orthopedic sandals for a child with heel support

Orthopedic sandals for a child with heel support
Closed toe closed heel best summer heel sandals.
Great to wear with no socks.
Will never perspire once worn barefoot in those heel sandals.
No blisters either in those cool heel sandals.
Great heel sandals from Europe.
Charcoal,red,gray leather mix closed heel sandals.
Double velcro closure for easy on and off fit sandals.
Best ankle support sandals for pronation and weak feet.
Orthopedic best heel sandals designed to form and support kids feet and posture.
Good heel heel sandals as those form kids feet and offer proper orthopedic support.
Low cost sandals are made out of cheap materials and literally deform kids feet they are not orthopedic.
Orthopedic means have ankle support, good orthopedic arch, none sweat soles for kids.
Once child wears them their feet, knees, bones in back are formed and supported since whole posture is based on human feet.
That is why when feet are destroyed whole posture begun to shift and collapse.
Thus back problems in old age, knee pain, foot pain - due to cheap sandals worn as child that literally devastates kids feet over time.
No orthodics nor surgeries will help once feet are deformed.
Only good quality heel sandals as those consistently worn as a child will repair and restore your kids feet.

Best shoes with arch support orthopedic for child

Flat foot best kids sandals for walking


Lilly...Santa Barbara  -  25/06/2020

Got them back in February since in California shoes like that can be worn all year long. Like the color, fit and quality of them...they wore so well that I decided to buy another size up so my son can wear them after current ones are too small for him. They clean easily with brush and hand soap, they do not bleed either. European shoes are fantastic and once you try them ones you will drag to buy American (Chinese made low quality shoes with zero support). I am a convert, money well spent for what you getting.....

Gina C, Hinsdale IL  -  24/03/2020

Very good for a boy and they are durable like hell....we had the jeans color last year and my son wore them to death literally...worth every penny.

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