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Brand: Krakus

Product Code: Profila Red

Red quality orthopedic shoes with best ankle support

Orthopedic shoes for child with fallen arches
Flat foot support and heel support for a child with weak, pronated ankles.
Arches are present in those shoes and antibacterial soles.
So no sweaty feet ever in those super shoes.
Over time they will correctly form child's feet.
Heel arch, ankle ortho support at it's best.

They are sturdy and stiff at the back to provide optimal ankle support.
Leather on them with expand and stretch over 30% once worn so they will become softer.
This model is also super for tip toe walkers as they very sturdy shoes
Leather on them is well processed and colored red with lavender stripe.
Small decorative buckle is added for decoration and unique look.
Manufactured in Europe according to high orthopedic standards.
When child wears such shoes over time their feet, ankles will align into correct position.
Just do not rotate them with none orthopedic shoes because you will never see any orthopedic improvement.
2 pairs of quality shoes are needed for every child per season meaning every 6 months.

Flat foot heel support best girls shoes

Red leather ankle high toddler shoes


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