Ankle boots for boys ortho walkers for kids in Australia

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Brand: Krakus

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Weak ankles orthopedic support toddler boots

Toeing in corrective boots with high heel support in Australia


Elizabeth Woodridge IL  -  01/08/2018

Good shoes, my son walks in them very well. Got them in Hinsdale store this week. This store is truly the best and total blessing for the posh Hinsdale area. We drive from North suburbs just to buy quality shoes for our son since nothing comparable is available locally. We ordered few times from other online stores but they are not even Europe made. You can easily tell when the shoe is quality or not. This store sells only quality and imports the shoes from Europe directly.

Mark from Palo Alto CA  -  29/07/2018

My son begun to walk and I wanted European shoes for him. I am originally German and I always had good shoes myself even as a child. After intensive search in Palo Alto kids shoe stores I was totally shocked with low quality shoes sold in USA. The shoes I saw were stiff, no arch support and fit was horrible. Most importantly all the shoes are made in China! Sorry but why? Shoes shape kids feet as they growing so of course you can't put on cheap non-orthopedic shoes on your kids since they will deform his feet. I ordered 4 pairs from this store, since I had no clue what would fit well. All the shoes were pristine quality as expected from European shoes. Quality leather, arch, proper back support for a little walker. Amazingly the sizes were correct and I ended up keeping 3 pairs in total. Of course I will be back as soon as my son outgrows the shoes I got, but for now I think he is set till September. Very HAPPY CUSTOMER, Mark N.

S.T - Oregon, US  -  03/01/2018

Top of the line little green/white boots! Soft, supportive and they look awesome. I wanted a fall/winter shoe so I got those super high tops. Thank you - I will shop again. Stacy -

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