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Orthotic ankle footwear for boys with pigeon toes

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Brands Remut

Product Code: Kaolin Blue

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    Orthotic footwear for boys with pigeon toes
    Orthotic - no it is called orthopedic correctly and those sandals definitely are.
    European orthopedic sandals for boys with feet turning inwards.
    High back orthopedic support best for ankle alignment.
    When child wears those closed back sandals over time feet will begin to turn correctly straight
    Just remember not to wear any local cheap shoes as they deform kids feet
    You will never see any difference if you rotate between quality and cheap shoes.
    Good shoes on kids feet at all times.
    Sandals shape and form kids foot so ortho arch is needed.
    Lovely color blue and orange leather.
    You can adjust them at the instep - fits narrow and wide feet.
    Good soles for running and total foot support.
    No wet smelly feet either since they have antibacterial innersoles.

    Choose those sandals, you will be shocked how well they align kids feet.
    Child wears them and over time his feet begun to straighten.
    Only sandals made in Europe will fix your kids feet
    Why, since they are made orthopedic with actual support.
    Any shoe, sandal, sneaker sold in USA is not orthopedic, not supportive and it is literally deforming and destroying kids feet.
    Shoes type of Keens, Merrels, Crocks, Nike, cheap sneakers are the worst kind.
    Avoid them at all cost they are total garbage and over time destroy kids posture, feet, ankles and total posture alignment.
    Those sandals are made in Europe out of quality leather.

    Weak ankles sandal for kids

    Boys leather sandals for flat feet


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