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Girls overpronation white leather support shoes

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Manufacturer Falcotto

Product Code: Jali White

  • SKU: 0011500818 02 1N21
  • Over pronation best support shoes for kids.
    Yes ankle high with reinforced ankle support.
    Orthopedic leather shoes for any baby girl ankle supportive pronation best shoes kids.
    Made out white patent leather decorated with colorful flowers.
    High arches kids shoes added to the soles
    None sweat innersoles so no sweaty smelly feet ever!
    Very flexible beige rubber soles.
    The best for little walkers as a first pair of shoes.
    Proper shoes for a new walker for foot support.
    Children need good shoes for proper foot development and posture.
    Best style of shoe for regular to slim foot for a new walking toddler.

    Orthopedic best new walkers for your baby that will correctly form and support little growing and forming feet.

    Shoes are ultra important for kids feet so do not ignore them
    2 pairs of good shoes per season needed
    Avoid cheap shoes from China that overtime will deform and destroy your kids feet.
    97% of orthopedic problems are caused by wearing cheap shoes with zero support when a child.

    Orthopedic leather shoes for any baby girl.

    Ankle supportive pronation best shoes kids.


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