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Brand: Garvalin

Product Code: Sokol Gray

Orthopedic from Spain baby boys overpronation best sandals

Overpronation boys sandals with heel support
Orthopedic arch heel support baby by sandals for walking.
Sandals feature narrow heel with reinforced ankle to support kids feet and keep them aligned.
Best for narrower overpronation feet and low instep toddler sandals.
Best heel sandals for a boy manufactured in Spain.
The ankle in those sandals has reinforced heel, sturdy and keeps ankles in a packet.
Sandals manufactured in Europe are never soft at the heel and there is a reason for that
They keep ankles straight and aligned.
Orthopedic soles are added to those sandals where arch support is contoured to the sole.
Rubber is a sturdy material that never goes flat to arch support was added there.
Italians invented orthopedic soles over 15 years ago and now whole industry follows that model.
That way arch never goes flat and foot is supported at all times.
Antibacterial soles are added to those sandals as well and they absorb sweat from kids feet.
Child will never perspire in those cool sandals.
Gray/green/red quality leather support sandals.
Easy on and off with adjustable velcros.
Perfect narrow style for a boy with actual support.
Perfect close back and toe style heel sandals with support.
Great arch present and anti sweat soles sandals.
Padded back for total comfort in the heel for comfort and support.
High arches and proper ankle overpronation heel support that every toddler boys does need.
Those sandals are designed to form and shape kids feet and posture.
Manufactured in Europe according to orthopedic standards set by European Ministry of Health.
Overpronation develops when child wears shoes or sandals with no structure or no ankle support.
Since there is no ankle support feet will begun to turn and collapse over time.
You will see ankles turn inwards due to zero support since kids feet need ankle support.
That is why notice that all the baby shoes in Europe are ankle high with reinforced ankle support.
There is a reason for that - they need proper alignment and sturdy heel to keep their feet straight.
None of the shoes sold in USA have that since shoes from China are never supportive, never measured.
They have oversized ankle fit, not sturdy heel support no back support.
That is why they destroying and deforming kids feet and posture.
Child only needs 2 pairs of good shoes for rotation to wear entire season so their feet will align.

Orthopedic arch support, heel support for walking

Garvalin narrow feet toddler boy sandals


Robert D, Chicago IL  -  02/06/2020

High enough to hug his ankles since they cover entire heel and support in them is good. They fit my son well and he likes them. No blisters on them no smelly feet and they are padded. Good sandal overall for the price they also made in Spain so that is a plus.

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