Pediatric arch support ortho boots for boys with flat feet

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Chrobry Navy

Pediatric arch support boots for kids
Leather boots for a boy with profiled soles
Flat feet preventive boots for a boy
Manufactured in Europe according to orthopedic standards set by European Ministry of Health.
No flat shoes or low quality shoes are ever produced in Europe.
They simply not allowed since shoes for kids are viewed as developmental need.
Feet are formed by the shoes child wears so quality shoes are a must.
If child wears low quality shoes his feet will collapse and orthopedic problems will develop.
If your child is pronated, pigeon toed of flat footed it is a cause of wearing low quality footwear.
Flat feet are only 10% genetic in children, rest of it is acquired with usage low end shoes.
No child should ever wear cheap shoes they destroy their feet, posture, body gait.
That is why in Europe that is totally not allowed, and only quality shoes are sold in the stores.
Ministry of Health regulates all the brands manufacturing shoes to children.
That way no cheap shoes from China are sold.
Navy/gray natural leather and hint of red.
Decorated with company's logo on the side.
Superior arches inside with none sweat ventilated soles.
Child will never sweat in those high end boots.
Will never leak any water since the are waterproof.
Totally waterproof leather boot.
Proper leather high top boots for an older boy.
Orthopedic best for a boy that will align their feet into correct position.
Just do not rotate them with any cheap shoes since you never see any improvement.
Child needs 2 pairs of good shoes for the whole season and rotate between those 2 to achieve desired effect.

Leather boots for a boy with profiled soles

Totally waterproof leather boot


Barb - mom from Ohio  -  26/12/2019

We got them as a Christmas gift from a grandma and it was best gift she could give him. I wanted for him quality shoes because we cannot find such shoes in rual Ohio. His feet begun to collapse and turn inwards. Despite going to orthopedic doctor we were told to buy quality shoes as they line up kids feet. I never knew that! My doctor is Greek and he instructed me to buy shoes made in Europe with good leather and arch support. I honestly never saw such quality before. My God - China and their "crap products" would eat us alive and soon we will forget what quality should even look like! Anyway, it was our first order and I continue to buy shoes from you. My doctor was super happy and asked for the site as well. He said that it is a truly orthopedic shoe that every child should wear all the time since their feet are forming and quality shoes a must at all times. He told me not to buy any Chinese made shoes as they destroy kids feet.

Leslie - Los Angles  -  04/01/2019

Wonderful boot for a child. Flexible, light with profiled soles. That is what I wanted for winter here in LA. It is not that cold but leather boots for colder weather and rain are a plus. It was my first order and I am very pleased with them. Will order more shoes in a future. Thanks Leslie

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