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Product Code: Winnetka Blue

Pediatrician Recommended Baby Shoes | Ankle High Support

Pediatrician recommended best baby shoes
Yes, recommended in Europe since they are regulated there by European Ministry of Health.
If shoes are not orthopedic then company have no business to manufacture the shoes.
Follow the rules or they will not be allowed for sale in Europe.
Shoes for kids are viewed as developmental need for a child so they have to be top quality to form kids feet correctly.
Soles are measured for average foot, profiles of course.
Ortho arches added, none sweat soles,
Ankle support best shoes that ever child does need for ankle support and proper foot development.
Leather without use of mercury (all shoes form china have mercury on the leather - it is a known fact - nothing new)
Proper ankle support for pronation and foot alignment.
Those are ABC for orthopedic shoes and they are only made in Europe.
Yes, footwear is regulated in Europe and we support that 100%.
As a result Europeans walk around with well formed feet and posture.
On the other hand USA had a business of orthodics.
Zero quality shoes are made in China and sold in USA which furthers the problem.
Medical orthopedic business is booming in USA and sale of AFO, SMO and orthodics and doctors visits and therapy.
Kids who already have deformed feet from crocks, keens, Sorels, UGS and converse shoes and other local shoes with no support.
Any brand you mention locally is not orthopedic and not supportive.
All they do is cause foot deformation in children.
Invest in good shoes for your child, it is worth it.
They end up with well formed feet and posture with those shoes.
It is a small price to pay for good feet, back, knees, posture for your entire life.
The only time feet could be formed is when child is growing and their bodies are changing.
Those little navy shoes are no exception - they are ankle high, supportive with good orthopedic support that every child need.
Usage of such shoes guarantees perfect posture and feet since they are appropriate shoes with good support.

Navy leather dress shoes for a new walker

Dress shoes for a toddler with weak ankles


Lilly C  -  09/09/2022

Great blue dressy shoes - they fit well.

Leslie  -  01/09/2022

Cute little shoes, fits well narrow feet - thank you for recommending them.

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