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Closed toe ankle high boys pigeon toe sandals

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Brands Krakus

Product Code: Sabin Navy

  • SKU: 33-56895
  • Pigeon toe best older boys sandals for summer.
    Proper sandals for pronated ankles
    Child will have good arched sandals with closed back to restore foot joint alignment
    And slowly restore his feet to good position.
    Did you know that pigeon toes are caused by crocks, keens, cheap sneakers, shoes with zero support.
    They have opposite affect on your child's feet
    All they do is deform their feet
    So over time child will become either pigeon toed or pronated.
    That is why we Europeans never put cheap none supportive shoes on our children as they cause huge damage to kids feet.

    High top ankle support orthopedic for kids

    Flat foot best support for kids


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