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Pigeon toe fix close toe purple sandals

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Brands Dawid

Product Code: Somerset Purple

  • SKU: 124578-45
  • Best sandals for orthodics inserts
    Pigeon toe fix girls closed toe sandals

    Regural to wide feet as they adjust well
    Easy fit for orthodics as they close with double velcro
    Reinforced heel that keeps feet sturdy in a packet so they do not pronate.
    Even they appear lower in a back they support kids ankles perfectly.
    Orthopedic support - arches like pillows, literally
    Made out of lavender and purple smooth leather
    Perfect sporty style for a child
    Will stop any feet smell since they have activefresh soles
    No smelly feet, no mold - best leather used
    Type of sandal that every child should wear
    Feet are formed by type of shoes child wears so buy only best for your child
    Avoid any feet problems since cheap shoes from China deform kids feet
    Over time parent notices pronated ankles or pigeon toes and they wonder what happened
    It its due to cheap shoes child have been wearing with no support
    Thus we in Europe never put cheap shoes on our kids feet.

    Best soles for running with traction

    Best sandals for orthodics inserts


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