House shoes with good ankle support and reinforced heel support

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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Magic Gray

Ankle supportive arch support best for wide feet

Orthopedic high arch canvas shoes from Europe


Leslie G - LaGrange, IL - 19/09/2017

7th pair of shoes house shoes my son had and they wear wonderfully. We been buying them since he was a baby in the store in Hinsdale and every shoe he ever had was from them. Today he is 4 and I can cay with confidence that European shoes are the best for kids feet. Yes, you pay the money but in return your kid will end up with well shaped feet and good posture. I see kids in is class with such a bad feet walking lumpy and all and I know it is from the cheap shoes sold locally. Those house shoes we just bought and he loves them, good arch, heel support and soft sole. People in Europe know what they are buying and quality is in everything you it used to was in USA...not anymore.

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