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Pigeon toed knocked kneed boots

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Brand: Naturino

Product Code: Balboa Gray

Tags:  pigeon toe shoes for kids

Kids leather boots from France with best arch support.

Brown leather snow boots for kids

Pigeon toed knocked kneed boots
Ortho boots at its best.
Gray suede waterproof leather - best for Fall or Winter.
Easy to clean and maintenance.
Corrective, supportive with actual arches inside.
Orthopedic arch is molded into the soles meaning the arch is contoured into rubber sole.
Rubber is a material that never goes flat thus child's foot is supported at all times.
Leather lining goes on the top for child's comfort.
Antibacterial soles are added so no sweaty smelly feet ever.
Kids in Europe wear such boots to form their feet correctly
Also to improve and restore foot health.
Kids leather boots from Serbia with best arch support.
Brown soft leather, handsome could be worn in a winter or spring.
Those boots are ok to wear in a rainy weather since they never leak any water.
Good sole with traction so child will never slip in them.

Only caliber of the boots that children wear in Europe and they end up with best formed feet and posture.
Just do not rotate them with low qualuty shoes since cheap shoes destroy and deform kids feet causing orthopedic problems.
Kids feet are formed due to type of shoes they wear so only best qualuty orthopedic shoes are needed for every child.
Not just those kids with orthopedic problems (they correct the all by the way) but it is important that all children wear good shoes so they end up with best formed feet and posture.


Angela, NJ - 18/03/2017

Got this boot 4 months ago and they held up very well despite my son wearing them daily and literally torturing them everyday. They were his favorite boots so he asked me for another pair. Not sure of the size but I guess I go up 2 sizes for next Fall. Definitely worth the money and quality is evident. This was our first pair bought and I will buy a Spring shoe from that brand as well. Thanks,

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