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Pigeoned toes best snow boots for a child
Snow boots for a boy with proper ortho support
You will love how durable and well made they are.
Kids in Europe wear only such boots for foot benefit and healthy foot development.
They have it all arches, ankle support heel support for weak pronated ankles.
They are best for snow and cold winter as they lined with gortex and wool.
Child feet will never perspire
in them or get wet.
They have special soles to absorb sweat from kids feet.
Even if they wear them in school their feet will never be not comfy.
They are light in weight as well.
Investing in good shoes for a child is like investing in good posture, feet and overall body health

Posture and feet could be formed as child is growing, not once an adult.

Consequences of wearing cheap shoes as child are severe
- pronation, pigeon toes, collapsed feet
It is all caused by low quality shoes - so we Europeans never buy junk shoes for our kids.
We grew up on quality shoes even back in 1980 local communistic government owned factories and shoes produced for kids were supportive. (they were ugly but supportive)
Reason for that was we had public healthcare so even every child in Europe had deformed feet from cheap shoes how much would that cost entire nation?
So ugly, plain shoes were produced but they did the job and we all wore them back in 1970 and 1980.
So even communists knew that child cannot walk around in garbage shoes -since they destroy kids feet completely

Snow boots for a boy with wide feet.

Sheep wool leather boots for a child


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Adiana 2015-11-29 03:21:00

Best snow boots that I ever bought for my son, period. As they look on the picture they are exactly as shown - top quality, light, wool amazing and my son loves them. Thanks,