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Brand: Remut

Product Code: Stasia Fushia

Stable closed heel ankle sandals for girl

Pink closed heel sandals for children
Kids European sandals with good arches
Corrective high backs sandals for girls
Children's orthodic shoes for kids with high arches
Lovely pink style for girls with proper ankle and foot support.
Type of ortho sandal that every child should wear as they will form their feet.
It is all about shoes for kids
If cheap shoes are used then child ends up with deformed feet
Shoes made out of low quality materials with no support will negatively affect your kids feet.
Pronation, pigeon toes, weak ankles, toe in, tip toe walking is an affect of low quality no ortho shoes.
Every pediatrician in Europe will tell you that since it is proven medically that shoes affect kids posture and foot development.
Child will never grow out of any defect - it is impossible.
There have to be proper shoe to assist feet in that
Invest in best shoes for your girl.

Corrective high backs sandals for girls

Kids European sandals with good arches


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